Energy Medicine

This page is based on the book Energy Medicine; The Scientific Basis, by James Oschman.

In every energyculture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1960)

Various energetic healing methods have been used for centuries, including acupuncture, Reiki, polarity therapy, QiGong and reflexology, although some are just recently defined.  These therapies utilize the life force that circulates in and around the body all the time.  Even though their effectiveness have been widely reported, for a long time these methods were considered to be a joke, quackery, with no scientific basis.  This is an example of why it is said that science progresses “one funeral at a time” because scientists get stuck in their beliefs and are not open to other suggestions.

The energy fields of the heart and brain (bioelectric fields) have long been used in medical diagnosis in “conventional” medical practice.  As research continues, bioenergy fields have gone from scientific nonsense to an important and expanding subject of biomedical research.  Scientists are now absolutely certain that body energy fields exist, and practitioners of traditional energy methods are being studied by biomedical researchers.

Physics teaches us that when an electric current flows through a conductor, a magnetic field is created in the surrounding space, and that these energy fields are unbounded.  Although these biofields (magnetic and otherwise) extend infinitely into space, strength diminishes with distance and can be undetected by conventional methods, and also gets mixed with other signals which we all produce.  These fields change from moment to moment depending on events taking place in the body.

The fields or “waves” that each organ produces spread throughout the body and into the space around it.  One of the primary channels for the flow of electrical waves through the body is thought to be the circulatory system (the perivascular system) which interact with similar systems of the muscles, bones and nerves.  Disease and disorder alter the flows of these waves in predictable ways.

Researchers have now determined that there is a living matrix continuum that includes all of the connective tissue and cytoskeletons of all cells throughout the body.  All body systems are covered with material that is part of a continuous connective tissue fabric.  The molecular web is also a continuous vibratory network. Each component of the organism is immersed in and generates a constant stream of vibratory information about all of the activities taking place in the body.  Accumulated physical and/or emotional trauma impair the connections.  Acupuncture and other energy therapies restore and balance the vibratory circuits, so that the defense systems of the body can work as intended.  These methods can also be used in healthy people to enhance athletic, artistic and intellectual performance.  It is possible that the ability of practitioners to project and people to respond to healing energy has evolved as a natural design feature of living systems.

Until recently, the conventional medical approach has been entirely molecular, using chemicals to influence the repair of tissues.  However, it is also thought that various energetic activities in the body provide the communication needed to coordinate cellular activities.  When healthy energy is applied, this information is transferred via the energy field so that the communication channels can open and the healing process can flow.

The scientific basis for vibrational medical systems such as homeopathy is similar.  When a particular molecule is deficient because of a disease or a disorder, normal functioning can sometimes be restored with a pharmaceutical drug.  Vibrational systems demonstrate that similar or sometimes even better results can be obtained by using “energy pharmaceutics” which provide an electromagnetic signature of a natural substance to cancel out a discordant frequency that is disturbing the body.

In homeopathy, remedies are made by transferring the electromagnetic signature of a substance to the water that the substance is dissolved in.  Even when the sample has been diluted so much that the original molecule is gone, the signals stored in the water continue to vibrate for a long time.





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